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NTFs hemsida är tänkt att främja nätverksbyggandet mellan de fackligt aktiva inom den nordiska transportbranschen. Avsikten är vidare att ge utomstående möjlighet till djupare insikt i NTF:s verksamhet och de frågor som engagerar de transportfackliga organisationerna i Norden.

Appeal for decent work in Lithuania

Skrivet av Sekretariatet Postad i Nyheter

To the next Government and Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

To the President of the Republic of Lithuania

The Nordic and Baltic Trade Unions demand that the Lithuanian Labour Code is immediately amended, by the next parliament after elections, so that, at the very least, it meets the international standards set in ILO Core Conventions, that Lithuania has signed in 1994. The code should in no way undermine Human Rights in working life.

Reda more; appeal-for-decent-work-in-lithuania


Group picture from the NFS Conference on Decent Work in Tallinn 7.10.2016.


Fair Transport Europe Campaign has now ended

Skrivet av sekretariatet Postad i Nyheter

Last week the collection of signatures for the European Citizens´initiativ on Fair Transport Europe ended. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans have supported the petition and signed for a fairer transport sector and ETF has reached out to even more people with campaign activities and via social media. More European citizens than ever before have received our message for fair working conditions and against social dumping in transport. The goal of 1 miljon signatures was not reached but still ETF has been successful. ETF has put the social dumping issues on the agenda in European politics, with European Commissioners acknowledging the importance of taking measures to secure proper working condition in European transport.

Read the whole letter from ETF here: letter-to-affiliates-on-fair-transport-europe-campaign

NTF Women´s Conference in Stockholm 2016

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From lunch to lunch, participants from different NTF affiliates met in Stockholm for the second NTF Women´s Conference. On the agenda was several different subjects, including information from our representatives in ETF and ITF Women´s Committees, the proposed ILO Conventions and recommendation on violence against women and men in the world of work, ITF´s programme to end violence against women and Kommunals working programme on domestic violence.

ETF call for national push to collect signatures

Skrivet av sekretariatet Postad i Nyheter

As you are all aware, at the ETF Executive Committee Meeting in May 2015 we jointly decided to launch the Fair Transport Europe Campaign. We took this decision because we are determined to raise awareness across Europe about the deplorable working and living conditions facing so many European workers and in particular in the transport sector. With this campaign we aim to obtain commitment from the European decision makers for real change and fair transport in Europe.
At the time of writing almost 150,000 signatures have been collected from European citizens in support of our campaign. Belgium was the latest country in the list to go beyond its minimum target next to Denmark and Sweden.
But the deadline for collecting signatures within the frame of the European Citizens’ Initiative tool, 14 September 2016, is approaching fast. We therefore call upon all ETF affiliates to make a final effort to promote the campaign and give the total number of signatures collected in the EU Member States a strong push. It will further strengthen our voice vis-à-vis the European Institutions and allow us to demonstrate the wide support the campaign for fair transport in Europe receives.

Read the more here: Letter ECI to all ETF affiliates

Legal action against France and Germany for application of Directive 96/71/EC to the transport sector

Skrivet av sekretariatet Postad i Nyheter

ETF and ETUC are writing to Commissioner Bulc and Commissioner Thyssen in relation to their  planned legal action against France and Germany on the application of their respective minimum wage legislation to the road transport sector (see Commission press release of 16 June). Whilst the application of national minimum wages to operations of cabotage does not seem to be disputed, we understand that the Commission considers that Directive 96/71/EC on the posting of workers, in particular its provisions on minimum rates of pay, do not necessarily apply in case of some international transport operations. In this context, the non-application of Directive 96/71/EC will result in the introduction of a country of origin principle regulating the employment conditions of workers, as well as the invalidation of most measures of control and monitoring in host countries. In other words, professional drivers performing European -wide types of operations will be operating in a legal vacuum.

Read more here: 20160629-etuc-etf_-letter_bulc-thyssen_002_0

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