New General Secretary


Our General Secretary has resigned from his position in order to take up a new job in the Swedish Transport Workers Union as their new Head of International Department.

On behalf of the hole of NTF I would like to thank him for his services to our organisation in the time he has served us as the head of our secretariat. The knowledge and contacts of Peter Lövkvist has been extremely valuable in promoting and developing the NTF Policies both at sectoral and general level.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish Peter all the best in his new position, and I naturally expect to continue the good and constructive cooperation I have had with Peter on a personal level and with the Swedish Transport Workers’ Union up to now.

We are in the process of finding a replacement for Peter as a new secretary for the federation as soon as possible. I will inform you as soon as this process has been finalised.

All the best

Jan Villadsen

President of the NTF




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