NTF team on field visit in Estonia


The NTF team visited the Union of Estonian Railway Workers ERAÜ in Tallinn on 4th – 5th April 2018. NTF and ERAÜ have worked together for several years with the aim of helping ERAÜ to become stronger and more influential. The work has been successful and compared to local standards, ERAÜ has an impressive union density as well as history of successful union activities. As the next step, the union leaders plan to train local representatives in negotiations, strategic planning and organizing in order to grow the network of union activists.

ERAÜ kindly organized two field visits for the NTF team. The team visited, together with the ERAÜ Chair Oleg Tšubarov and his team Vladimir Tatartšuk and Oleg Martynov, a tram and a passenger train depot. The local representatives showed the team the work places from maintenance to the back office, explained the working conditions and arranged a possibility to a hands-on visit to a brand-new tram and a train. As transport work can never be understood only by staying in the office, both visits were highly appreciated, very educational and interesting!

We thank you ERAÜ wholeheartedly for the hospitality and look forward to the continuity of a great co-operation.


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