NTF visits Latvia


Nordic Transport Workers´ Federation visited our friends at the Latvian Trade Union of Public Service and Transport Workers, LAKRS in Riga on Tuesday, February 27th.

The Chairman of LAKRS, Mr. Juris Kalniņš and BOA Organiser Mrs. Inga Ķepīte briefed us on how their organising project progressed regarding bus drivers in Latvia and what challenges they meet in their project.

We are confident they will succeed in their goal of organising workplaces and recruiting new shops stewards on a national level and we will continue to support them.

The NTF secretariat would like thank our Latvian friends for the hospitality shown to us during our brief stay in the Latvian capital.

Liels paldies par jūsu viesmīlību un veiksmi jūsu biznesā!


Mr. Juris Kalniņš, Chairman of LAKRS

Ms. Anu Hietala, General Secretary of NTF

Mrs. Inga Ķepīte, BOA Organiser at LAKRS

Mr. Christer Norfall, Coordinator/Researcher at NTF




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