Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation

NTF was founded back in 1908 with the goal of uniting the Nordic transport workers’ trade unions. Today, NTF is a federation of 40 different trade unions for transport workers in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark with the Faroe Islands. In total, we represent 340,000 members – transport workers in seven different occupational categories.

By working together across national borders, we can effectively share experiences and influence issues that affect all members. NTF functions as a network and problem solver, but also supports trade unions by sharing information about current trends and challenges, as well as policy decisions that affect the transport industry throughout the Nordic region. NTF also has good contacts with other trade union federations, such as the ETF and ITF, with the aim of strengthening and coordinating Nordic positions at a European and international level.

The importance of a strong Nordic community

The Nordic countries have many small and large companies that trade with the whole world. There are strong ties between the Nordic countries and we share a long and rich history. We have strong traditions when it comes to cooperation and democracy. In the Nordic region, we have a unique and world-renowned welfare model that is the result of hard-working trade unions in cooperation with employers and politicians. 

Although we are small separately, the Nordic countries have together created a strong voice in Europe as well as the rest of the world.  Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark with the Faroe Islands have created a unique model for cross-border cooperation – the Nordic model.

NTF wants to promote this type of cooperation and sees it as an important mission to continue to defend the Nordic model and spread this type of cross-border cooperation to the rest of the world.

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