Great NTF presence at the ITF Congress


At the ITF Congress in Singapore the NTF affiliates showed great participation and co-operation. The following Nordic colleagues will be representing us in various important positions:

Jan Villadsen, 3F Denmark – Management Committee
Marko Piirainen, AKT, Finland – Executive Board
Lars Morten Johnsen, Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund – Executive Board
Johnny Hansen, Norsk Sjømannsforbund – Chair of the Fisheries Section
Flemming Overgaard, 3F Denmark – Vice-Chair of the Road Section
Susanne Gällhagen, Kommunal Sweden – Women’s Committee
Terje Samuelsen, Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund – Dockers Section committee
Anneli Nyberg, Parat Norway – Civil Aviation Committee
Lena Dyring, Norsk Sjømannsforbund – Seafarers´ section committee
Simo Zitting, SMU Finland – Fair Practice Committee Steering Group
Kenny Reinhold, Seko Sweden – Fair Practice Committee Steering Group

The following colleagues got the highest honor of the ITF by receiving the Gold Award for their outstanding service:

Tomas Abrahamsson, Seko, Sweden
Øystein Aslaksen, Norsk Lokmannsforbund, Norway
Asbjørn Wahl, Fagforbundet, Norway

The NTF affiliates supported several adopted motions, including an emergency motion agreed at the Nordic Pre-meeting (Opposing Norwegian Government’s plan to change the rules of NIS register’s rules risking 700 Norwegian seafarers’ jobs). Great speeches were given both presenting and supporting the motions. Thank you Johnny Hansen, Peter Lövkvist and Tommy Wreeth (Svenska Transportarbetareförbundet, Sweden), Helena Ahrén (Unionen, Sweden) and John Bondebjerg (3F, Denmark)!

Peter Lövkvits and Johnny Hansen also participated to a panel discussion in fringe event about the Global Supply Chains. The fringe was co-chair by the NTF general Secretary Anu Hietala.

The NTF congratulates and thanks the ITF for a successful congress. Congratulation to all newly elected people and thank you all for great participation!

Photo Roy Ervin Solstad


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