Join us at the ETF Fair Transport demonstration


Schedule according the ETF: Brussels demonstration on 27 March 2019

  • Meeting from 12:00 in front of the ETUC building (Boulevard Roi Albert II no. 5)
  • The demonstration will set off around 1 pm.
  • Around 3 pm arriving at Rond-point Robert Schuman. speeches and a closing ceremony
  • The end of the festivities is foreseen around 5:30 pm.

The aim of the demonstration is to remind the politicians and the public about the importance of the transport sector, to tell about the current abuses/problems and to promote ETF’s Fair Transport manifesto.

The demonstration is supposed to be festive and constructive. Please bring you union flags, banners and a happy spirit.

Let’s go together – Christer and Anu from the NTF secretariat will participate in the demo. If you would like to walk together with us, come and meet us at 11.45 am at metro station Rogier outside the Starbucks Coffee Store (in the middle of the Rogier square) or call us:

+46 70 633 0231 (Anu) or +46 70 633 0241 (Christer).

We look forward to seeing you all in Brussels.

Fair Transport Europe – final action day (27-03-2019)



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