NTF Civil Aviation section meeting in September 2018


NTF Civil Aviation Section had a meeting in Oslo where Chair Person Mr. Christopher Beckham from the Norwegian Trade Union HK Norge, invited to a network meeting for union representatives at Sodexo, Aviator, Menzies Aviation and City Jet in the Nordics.

Great time was spent at “The Nordic Model” and organising. SAMAK, Social Democratic Co-ordination in the Nordics, General Secretary Mr. Jan-Erik Støstad told the meeting about the story behind the model and the role of the trade unions to maintain our way of organising workplaces in the future as well as the impact it has on society at large.

Mr. Viktor Hage from the Swedish Transport Workers’ Union informed the participants about their successful organisational campaign and gave hands on advice to achieve a higher level of membership as well as committed members at the workplace.


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