NTF Warehouse and Logistics Section meeting 24:th and 25:th October 2018


Our section invited to a meeting to discuss the future at Nordic warehouses and terminals in 3F’s main office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What does the industry look like today? Where is the industry heading? What do we need to do to meet the demands of the future in the industry?

Bjørn Mietinen from HK i Norge (Norway) showed their film about the structural change at Coop Norge´s manual warehouse outside Oslo and how unions with a high union density can set requirements even when switching from analogue work to automated work.

The section had also invited Victor Figueroa, Lead researcher on new technology and the future of work at the International Transport Workers’ Federation, ITF, to lecture on Amazon and what the Nordic trade unions need to do to be able to make relevant demands when Amazon enters the Nordic market.

NTF secretariat thanks everyone involved for a very good section meeting, looking forward to meeting you soon again.

Victor Figueroa, ITF
Anu Hietala, General Secretary, NTF
Bjørn Mietinen, HK Norway (left) and John Bondebjerg, 3F, Denmark, chair of Warehouse and Logistics Section (right)


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