The Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation (NTF)

The Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation (NTF) is an association of 47 transport workers trade unions from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It was founded in 1908. The affiliated trade unions organise 400,000 transport workers, in seven industrial sections; Urban Transport, Road Transport, Railway, Dockers, Civil Aviation, Warehouse and Logistics, Seafarers and Fisheries.

NTF has been formed to unite the unions within the Nordic transport industries. By collaborating, we can more effectively visualize the Nordic issues and influence common European issues in the European Transport Workers’ Federation, ETF, relevant EU institutions and worldwide issues in the International Transport Workers’ Federation, ITF.

The organization works target-oriented. The intention is to counteract all forms of social dumping, economic crime, deterioration of collective agreements and labour law by joint efforts. Through joint decisions and activities, promote and support union solidarity in the Nordic region and assist each other in conflicts. We also work for increased equality, social equalization, international solidarity and gender equality.