NTF's role at European and global level

NTF’s role at a European and a global level

NTF is an independent federation of the Nordic transport workers’ unions and is not formally affiliated to any other international trade union federation. Our member organisations, on the other hand, are members of both the ETF and the ITF. In this way, our members actively participate in international trade union work at a global as well as a European level.

In addition, NTF coordinates the Nordic nominations to the ETF and ITF boards. The NTF Women’s Conference coordinates the prioritisation and nomination of the Nordic candidates for the European and global women’s Committees.

ETF – European level

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) is a pan-European trade union that includes transport unions from the EU, the European Economic Area and countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The ETF was founded in 1999, but has its roots in pan-European trade unions stretching back 60 years. Today, the ETF represents more than 5 million transport workers from more than 200 transport unions in 41 European countries. These workers are found in all parts of the transport industry – on land, at sea and in the air.

ETF Constitution

ETF conducts its work according to a principle of fair transport: quality jobs for transport workers and a safe, reliable and affordable service for users. As the ETF Constitution describes, the main purpose is to represent the social and economic interests of workers in transport (including logistics, fisheries and tourism).

All work promotes equal opportunities and the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or faith.

The ETF cooperates closely with the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).


Nordic representatives in ETF’s management

Jan Villadsen, 3F, Danmark

Jan Villadsen, 3F, Denmark

Johan Lindholm, Seko, Sverige

Ismo Kokko, AKT, Finland

Terje Samuelsen, Fellesforbundet, Norge

Tommy Wreeth, Transportarbetareförnundet, Sverige

Nordic representatives in ETF’s sections and committees

Karsten John Kristensen (Vice-Chair), 3F, Denmark

Jonas Eriksson, Unionen, Sweden

Anneli Nyberg (Women´s rep), Parat, Norway

Joint Aircrew Committee: Sigríður Ása Harðardóttir, FFI, Iceland

Karsten Kristensen, 3F, Denmark

Flemming Overgaard, 3F, Denmark

Astrid König, Kommunal, Sweden

Kenny Reinhold (Chair), Seko, Sweden

Anders Hansson, NMOA, Norway

Karsten Kristensen, 3F, Denmark

Audun Sør-Reime, NJF, Norway

Astrid König, Kommunal, Sweden

Erina Kjaer, Sjømannsforbund, Norway

ITF Global Level

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is led by approximately 700 affiliated member organizations from 150 countries. They are the voice of nearly 20 million working men and women worldwide and work for rights, equality and justice in the workplace.

The ITF works internationally and conducts significant negotiating and lobbying activities with international bodies and governments. The size of ITF allows them to coordinate campaigns against multinational companies and institutions that have great potential for creating change.

The following objectives are part of the ITF Constitution:

  • to promote respect for trade unions and human rights worldwide
  • to work for peace based on social justice and economic progress
  • to help affiliated trade unions defend the interests of their members
  • to provide research and information services to member organizations
  • to provide general support to transport workers in difficult positions


Nordic representatives in ITF management

Jan Villadsen, 3F, Danmark

Terje Samuelsen, Fellesforbundet, Norway

Ismo Kokko, AKT, Finland

Sections Chairs have a seat at the Executive Board.  

NTF has an agreed observer place at the Executive Board, occupied by the General Secretary Anu Koljonen.

Nordic representatives in ITF sections and committees

Anneli Nyberg, Parat, Norway

Karsten Kristensen, 3F, Denmark

Johnny Hansen (Chair), Norsk Sjømannsforbund, Norway

Peter Lövkvist (Chair), Svenska Transportarbetareförbundet, Sweden

Flemming Overgaard (Chair), 3F, Denmark

Lena Dyring, Norsk Sjømannsforbund, Norway

Astrid König, Kommunal, Sweden

Lena Dyring, Sjømannsforbund, Norway

Kenny Reinhold, Seko Sverige

Peter Lövkvist, Transportarbetareförbundet, Sverige

Simo Zitting, FSU, Finland

Kenneth Bondas, FSU, Finland

AKT, Finland

Jan Villadsen, 3F, Danmark

A Ole Philipsen, Co-Sofart, Danmark

Terje Samuelsen, Fellesforbundet, Norge

Hans Sande, NSF, Norge

Johnny Hansen, NSU, Norge

Lena Dyring, NSU, Norge

NTF’s agreed observer: coordinator Christer Norfall.